Impounding Towing

We offer 24-hour impounding and storage of unauthorized vehicles from private property, such as a parking lot, ramp, or garage. Our corporate office and licensed impound facilities are located near:

  • Downtown Augusta, ME with quick access to Rt. 9, Rt. 17 and I-95
  • Wiscasset, ME with quick access to Rt. 1 and I-295

All fees for the impound are charged to the registered owner or operator of the unauthorized vehicle when they come to pick up their car. This includes the fees for doing title searches, liens, and filing all the required legal registration of the tow with the city and the state, as well as notifying the registered owner that Statewide Towing has impounded their vehicle and where and how they can retrieve it. The manager or owner of the parking spot, who requests the tow, pays nothing. Please note we do not impound cars from public streets or locations.

Who Had My Vehicle Impounded?
The property owner / manager or other authorized representative such as a licensed security company.

How Much Money Does the Property Owner Representative Get from Statewide Towing Whenever a Vehicle is Towed From Their Property?
None whatsoever! Their payback is being able to maintain legal control of the parking lot or driveway that is located on their private property.

Why are the fees for impounding vehicles so high?

The overhead to maintain a towing company with high standards is expensive! We invest a considerable amount of time to find, train, and retain the kind of honest and intelligent people who can contend with the risks and stresses of a multi-faceted job while still providing excellent customer service. Our employees must have the aptitude to learn how to safely tow today’s complex cars while retaining the ability to treat you - our customer - in a polite and professional manner. Because of the personal investment spent in training time and the wide variety of demands presented by the job, our employees deserve and receive a competitive salary.

Although we feel most requirements are appropriate, the monetary cost of complying as we do with the zoning regulations, pollution control, and licensing of an impound lot and towing company are costly. Add to this the price of workman’s compensation and other insurance costs, building rent and maintenance, 24-hour security for our building and the cars in our custody.

If we impounded a vehicle, it was parked there without authorization. A person authorized by the owner of the property requested that it be removed. Towing cars parked without proper authorization is part of our job. If we didn't tow the vehicle, another company would. We do it fast, professionally and legally.

Our goal is to be efficient enough make all vehicle problems as small of a glitch in your day or night as possible. If you have some constructive criticism, give us a call you will find that we are a proud neighborhood-based company that is truly appreciative of your input. We realize that constructive communication is the key for us to continue to evolve and succeed as our company has now for over 16 years, we work hard for a living and do our best to serve the communities in which we work. Thanks for giving us the opportunity.


Statewide Towing Inc. | Heavy Duty Roadside Service | Lewiston | Chelsea | Maine

Toby went above and beyond to help us out on our trip. He was extremely helpful suggesting alternative plans with us and was very patient while we stumbled and sorted our way through making the next arrangements. With a great sense of humour, and a personalized approach to his customers, I completely understand why his business is successful. The best and hopefully only towing experience I will have!

24/7 service and very prompt! and mind you they will not just drag you out from the ditch but they will go above and beyond by making sure they will get your car out with very minimal damage as possible! Plus the owners are very nice and kind and they will calm you down and make you laugh while you freak out with the situation! Very efficient and highly recommended!

Statewide Towing Inc. | Heavy Duty Roadside Service | Lewiston | Chelsea | Maine
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