When you have an accident during a critical haul of hazardous material, it’s important to make the right call fast. Our fleet operates 24-hours a day and we’re always prepared to send our hazmat crew on their way to quickly and properly manage the incident.

From containing hazardous to cleaning the scene and eliminating contaminants, we provide a full service approach to make sure everyone is safe and that everything can get back to normal.

  • Oil Spills
  • Fuel Spills
  • Car/Truck Accident

We are proud to provide full-service hazmat cleanup and disaster scene management to the entire state of Maine. Whenever you call Statewide Towing we provide a fast, full-force response right away.


Our staff is dedicated to serving you with care and absolute respect. From training and experience to attitude and heart, our team of towing personnel are true professionals. No matter the challenge you have at hand, count on our staff to put there all into every call. Statewide Towing has the right people to help you get back on the road.

Our powerful fleet is capable of full-service towing throughout the state of Maine. From transports to accident recovery and roadside assistance, call us to make pick-ups or drop-offs from any destination you need within the state. Statewide Towing is proud to be your Maine state-wide tower!


Statewide Towing Inc. | Heavy Duty Roadside Service | Lewiston | Chelsea | Maine

Toby went above and beyond to help us out on our trip. He was extremely helpful suggesting alternative plans with us and was very patient while we stumbled and sorted our way through making the next arrangements. With a great sense of humour, and a personalized approach to his customers, I completely understand why his business is successful. The best and hopefully only towing experience I will have!

24/7 service and very prompt! and mind you they will not just drag you out from the ditch but they will go above and beyond by making sure they will get your car out with very minimal damage as possible! Plus the owners are very nice and kind and they will calm you down and make you laugh while you freak out with the situation! Very efficient and highly recommended!

Statewide Towing Inc. | Heavy Duty Roadside Service | Lewiston | Chelsea | Maine
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