DPF Cleaning

Diesel particulate filters (DPF) are used to trap soot from the exhaust and ash from the motor. This integral part of your exhaust system must be regularly cleaned in order to properly maintain your diesel vehicle or equipment. Statewide Towing is also the only company to provide DPF cleaning within 100 miles. We offer diesel particulate filter cleaning for a reasonable price. Our DPF cleaning system produces effective results with precision and accuracy. Throughout the process, we continuously check the filter to see if it is still functional.

Why You Need DPF Cleaning

Cleaning your DPF will remove excessive oil and dirt that builds along the filter while you drive for long periods of time. The following are symptoms of a blocked DPF:

  • Cooling Fans Running
  • Increase in Idle Speed
  • Automatic Stop/Start Deactivation
  • Increased Fuel Consumption
  • Hot Acrid Smell from Exhaust

The diesel particulate filter is best described as the “ticking time bomb” in most modern diesel engines. The DPF can become clogged up from city driving where the engine does not get up to temperature and long-term neglect. Since replacing a DPF can cost several thousand maybe even $10,000, regular DPF cleaning is a smart way to maintain the life of your engine and avoid a huge headache.


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Toby went above and beyond to help us out on our trip. He was extremely helpful suggesting alternative plans with us and was very patient while we stumbled and sorted our way through making the next arrangements. With a great sense of humour, and a personalized approach to his customers, I completely understand why his business is successful. The best and hopefully only towing experience I will have!

24/7 service and very prompt! and mind you they will not just drag you out from the ditch but they will go above and beyond by making sure they will get your car out with very minimal damage as possible! Plus the owners are very nice and kind and they will calm you down and make you laugh while you freak out with the situation! Very efficient and highly recommended!

Statewide Towing Inc. | Heavy Duty Roadside Service | Lewiston | Chelsea | Maine
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